A Quest for JOY Series- Intro

A Quest for JOY Series- Intro

This is an intimidating series to begin. I suppose it is intimidating mostly due to the fact that at an initial glance, it would seem that at some point, the quest ends. The main character finds what she has been searching for and it all comes to a conclusion and she moves on with her life.  However, I assure you, this is not that kind of story. This is the kind of “story” that has no conclusion. Simply because, in a quest for joy, once the character finds the joy, everything changes. She doesn’t get to simply move on. Instead, she begins to see her entire life differently and therefore she finds, this is actually the beginning. Secondly, in a “Quest”, typically, it is the character’s hard work and determination that achieves the end prize. She, with great strength, climbs the mountain, she bravely fights the villian, she skillfully defies death on the scary rope bridge, and then YAY! She lays hold of that which her heart has been longing for. Well, in this story, the character takes on a much different role. She isn’t the key player. She isn’t doing anything, as a matter of fact. She is sitting back and watching someone else fight, defy, and lay hold of that prize. She isn’t strong, or brave, or skillful. She is being carried through all of the difficult scenes and then merely holds out her hand while someone else places that thing she has been longing for in her hands. Once she has it, she still doesn’t even understand how it works. So her Hero has to show her. Sometimes it’s awkward and ugly. Sometimes, just as she thinks she gets it, she falls on her face. This happens again, and again, and again.

In this quest for JOY in the gospel, everything that I ever thought I knew has been turned upside down. Every facet of my life is now viewed through a new lens and I’m trying to understand it all. Right now I feel like a baby giraffe. Fumbling about and trying desperately to not get eaten in the process. However, while I don’t have all of the answers just yet, while I have perfected NOTHING (and really, never will)…the Lord (and a few gracious friends) have been pressing it upon my heart that this is something that needs to be shared. It has been an amazing journey that the Lord has put me through and while it is incredibly hard to put into words all that the Lord has taught me over the past 4 years, I will give it a shot. 🙂

My prayer in sharing this journey publicly, is that it would be a love offering back to the Lord first. I am still just in awe of the whirlwind that I’ve been in and I’m incredibly grateful for Christ’s FINISHED work and His unwavering love. And that secondly, it would be an encouragement to my dear friends to cling tightly to the gospel. It’s all we’ve got, after all.

What I am asking, in this intro is that my friends would just be praying for me. It is always hard to put your heart out in the open, leaving yourself vulnerable. Especially since it is public, it also means the whole world can read it. Not just the people that I’d like. So pray that the gospel would be shared clearly. Pray that the Lord would help me remember what He has done in my life and how. (I really have a terrible memory!)  Pray that it would be something that would exalt Christ. That it would be HIS story. Not my story.

Thank you for your love, encouragement, and support. I look forward to sharing the series soon.

3 thoughts on “A Quest for JOY Series- Intro

  1. This is excellent. I greatly enjoyed reading it and it got me excited about what’s coming. I wanted to say what part was my favorite, but, honestly, I liked all of it. Your stuff about how in the quest for joy it works unlike any other quest or story is SO good! We are not the Hero – Jesus is the Hero, we do nothing but just watch Him win the victory and receive the prize passively. And we don’t even know what to do with it after we get it! This (this!) is good stuff – golden, food for the soul. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to read the rest. We will be definitely be praying for you as you move forward.

  2. Sarah this is wonderful! Your mom said you have a very great talent in writing and how right she is! I am so thankful to be able to participate in reading along and be encouraged as you are able to express your journey for joy and how it relates to the Lord. Unlike you, I myself am terrible with words…so hopefully you understand what I am trying to say! 🙂 we are praying for you and your family as you pursue this quest in Joy! Thank you again! Xoxo

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