With A Little Help From My Friends…

With A Little Help From My Friends…

As much as I love writing gospely things, I love co-collaborating with other people even more. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

I recently sat down with my co-host, Lauren RE Larkin, on our podcast, Ezer Uncaged, to discuss The Excellent Wife, by Martha Peace. Years ago while Lauren was ripping this book apart in her masters thesis, I was being ripped apart by this book, on the ground in fundamentalism. On this episode, academia and lady laity meet to form a discussion from both angles. You can find it by visiting our website: EzerUncaged.com or on Itunes.

Speaking of Ezer Uncaged and my beautiful co-host (who’s getting ordained into the priesthood on August 19th!!!!) She and I were super jazzed to have the opportunity to talk with Sean Duregger on his podcast, The Armchair Philosopher on the topic of feminism. We were interviewed separately for this show and covered a variety of topics including the Billy Graham Rule, feminism, body image issues, the church, and female sexuality. You can find that show over at theaxPx.com, also available on iTunes!

Co-hosts are my jam, which is why I have TWO of them! Marci Preheim came to visit me in Texas this past weekend, and while she was here we decided to take our podcast, Fundyland Sees Red, to the next level and recorded a webcast! Fair warning, we did not have an outline for this and we talked about everything from Josh McDowell shaming women on twitter for their feelings and ended up somewhere on the topic of “no-nipple theology”. Oh, and we talked about the books that we have coming out… grab a glass of wine and join the crazy!!!

Ah yes!!! My minibook! It’s getting ready to be sent off to the printer! I’m really excited about this for a number of reasons. First, that it’s imprinted by Key Life, a ministry and a people that I love dearly. I’m thankful that they are committed to preaching the gospel and reminding people that God is not mad at them. This ministry has made an impact in my own personal life and so to now be part of the team of authors feels like finding home. New Growth Press is the publisher behind the curtain and agreed that with this sensitive topic, there would be no shaming or fixing… but pointing women to Christ, where they are forgiven and embraced in the midst of our sexuality, that we are often tempted to use in broken ways, such as lust. You can read a little bit about it on their website by clicking here. The minibook will be launched on August 7th!

Last, but not least, here’s my latest post for Key Life. It’s an allegory of sorts, pointing out the way fear takes over my mind, how I try to escape all that comes along with that, and how the gospel shows up when I finally cry out to God and give up completely. You can read it here.

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