"The Witch of Bear Branch" | Guest Post

"The Witch of Bear Branch" | Guest Post

The following poem was written by my daughter on making friends in a new school. Proud of you, Nomers! Keep creating! Special thanks to her friends, Iraiah and Madison, for being such an inspiration for this piece.


The witch of bear branch has beautiful eyes,
sometimes they look as if they were the sky.
Her hair like chocolate, smile like sweets.
Every time she greets you, it sure is a treat.
She’s friends with a werewolf — she’s passion and grace.
But don’t hurt her feelings, she’ll punch you in the face.
She has a very small temper, she’s a lover not a fighter.
She’s basically Rapunzel without a Flynn Rider.
But looks can deceive people, they think it’s outside and not in.
Right now she thinks behind a small grin.
She felt so left out, so sad and alone,
all she wanted was a place to call home.
One day the little witch met a young girl,
who was part cat — her smile like pearls.
They became best friends in the end,
now she has something she wanted her whole life….another friend!
The witch was as funny and as weird as can be, but here is a secret — that witch was me.

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