Current Projects

Current Projects

Coming Soon: ‘Women and Lust: Exposed, Forgiven, and Embraced’, a minibook under the Key Life label with New Growth Press, out August 28, 2017! Until then, you can find more of my writing at Key Life under the Key Author page!


I am currently collaborating on two different podcasts, available on iTunes.

Ezer Uncaged, is a podcast that I host alongside Lauren RE Larkin. Lauren is both an amazing friend as well as a brilliant theologian. This podcast is where academia and lady laity meet to form a conversation. Ezer Uncaged was created for the sole purpose of proclaiming the gospel to weary, burned out, burdened, caged womanHow does the Gospel — the doctrine of the justification of sinners — radically affect woman and womanhood? What does freedom look like for her? And how is this freedom for woman good news for man? We are a podcast, primarily though we do have a blog as well. You can find us online and follow us on Twitter


Fundyland Sees Red, is a podcast I host alongside Marci Preheim. Marci wrote a book, Grace is Free, that I picked up while spinning out of legalism. Since then, we’ve formed an incredible friendship. She and I have parallel backgrounds which we discuss in detail on our podcast. Our aim is to pull back the curtains on fundamentalism, exposing it’s “wizards”, with the truth of the gospel. We believe that one way to heal from the pain that comes with being involved in these fundamentalist communities is laughter. We are irreverent to this end. You can find us online and follow us on Twitter.  If videos are your thing, we now have a webcast on You Tube!

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  1. I honestly never knew women had this problem, as naive as that probably sounds; I’m actually a member of a group that meets in The Woodlands for this very issue in regard to men’s problems. A book (“Every Man’s Battle) led to the discovery of a web site devoted to the issue, and from here, a local group that meets once a week.
    Keep up the great work Sarah. God uses us in different and unique ways, and it seems evident that He’s using you to help others in their everyday life and struggles.

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