He gave us Himself

He gave us Himself

For the past couple of years now I’ve just been surrounding myself with gospel centered teaching. Whatever I can read or listen to, to better help me understand just what it is that Jesus did for me and what that means for my life. It all started with the book of John. I spent two years in that book- and it rocked my world. I started seeing Jesus in a way that I’d never understood before. From there the Lord has taken me deeper and deeper into the gospel and opened my eyes to who He is, what He did, and the point of it all. So last night, I began to ponder something.

Jesus gave us Himself.

I was thinking about Jesus washing the disciples feet. (John 13) This is the first passage that opened my eyes to the sweetness of Jesus and his love for the disciples. The Lord drew my attention to something different this time.

Here are the disciples, sitting around with nasty feet about to eat dinner. Jesus, pondering all that is about to take place, quietly gets up from the table and begins washing their feet. You know the story, Peter immediately freaks out and insists that Jesus NOT wash his feet. Jesus patiently acknowledges Peter’s lack of understanding and continues. Peter continues to insist Jesus do no such thing…and Jesus tells Peter he can have no part with Jesus if he does not wash him. So then Peter exclaims,

“Lord, not my feet only, but my hands and my head!!” To which the Lord replied, “He who is bathed needs only to wash his feet, but is completely clean; and you are clean.”

So here’s what struck me. The disciples didn’t know they had a need. They didn’t even think about the fact that their feet were dirty. They were perfectly happy to sit in their own filth. Yet Jesus saw more than dirty feet. He saw dirty hearts that needed cleansing. The disciples were already believers. They were already one with Jesus…but because of their fallen humanity, they still had sin in their hearts. However, to address their problem, Jesus didn’t stand up and give them 5 steps to loving their neighbor better, or a lecture on not serving the Lord like they should, or that the real problem they had was selfishness that stemmed from their pride.

He quietly got up and gave them Himself.

Jesus saw the need.

Jesus met the need.

Sure He went on to explain what He was doing and why. He gave them an example to follow. However, he did more than just that. He did for them what they could never do for themselves.

He didn’t just model humility for them.

He became their humility.

He is giving us Himself. Daily, the areas in my heart that need cleansing that I don’t see, He is gently picking up the basin and towel and washing me. When I am content to sit in my own filth and I don’t understand…He is there, patiently washing. Patiently being my example. But much more than that….because He knows I can’t obtain it on my own, He is my righteousness.

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